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       C-flex group, founded in 1996, is a production base of dongguan frontier circuit technology co., LTD and huangshi xipu electronic technology co., LTD.

       The company is always technology-oriented and provides cutting-edge services and high-end Multilayer PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid Flex, Anylayer and Backboard products for the world. In 2012, the company has possessed the capacity of 2-100l Rigid Flex, 2-20l MLFPC, 12L Anylayer FPC in engineering production technology.

       The company always provides services for the development of the global electronic industry with its leading products and technologies. Its products cover a variety of fields, including high-speed railway, medical care, aerospace, communications, industrial control, etc, providing the source and impetus for the development of the global electronic industry.

       The company has 80 engineers and technicians with rich industry experience and expertise, and provides customers with professional and timely engineering technical consulting and engineering data processing services;

Core values: unity, pragmatism, innovation and win-win, guided by cutting-edge technologies;

Objective direction: oriented by cutting-edge technology, providing customers with the best products and services;

C-flex people have been working hard to adhere to core values, be oriented by cutting-edge technologies, contribute to the advance and development of the global electronics industry.




Mr. Yoichi Yugong
He served as CTO of the company from 2015 to now. Before joining the Frontier Circuits, from early 1995 to 2015, he had been serving as quality manager and senior technical manager of SCREEN's high-end PCB Sanyuan factory. He mainly served customers in the global industrial instruments and medical market. Before that, he studied for a master's degree in engineering at Waseda University in Japan and had a master's degree in engineering from Waseda University. At present, it mainly provides technical support for customers of industrial instruments and communication equipment market.
Mr. Jacob
From 2016 to now, he has been the company STM. Prior to joining the Frontier Circuits, he worked as PCB Senior Technical Manager in Airbus's Frankfurt Branch from 2005 to 2015, mainly responsible for reliability testing of electronic components. Prior to that, he had a Master of Engineering degree from MIT and a Master's degree from MIT. At present, it mainly provides technical services for aerospace and medical equipment customers.
development history

development history


Establishment of FPC Business Department in Shenzhen in March 2006
Production of Rigid Multilayer Plates in Hong Kong in February 2000

Founded in 1996, Frontier Company is mainly engaged in PCB technical consultancy.

Establishment of Yellowstone Factory in March 2016 to start mass production of 10 layers of soft and hard board

In February 2017, Dongguan Factory began to produce 20-storey soft-hardened board.

Starting from June 2013, mass production of 4-20 layers of soft and hard board

Starting from May 2008, mass production of 4-8 floors of soft slab and 10-16 floors of rigid slab

Soft and Hard Bonded Professional Business Group Beginning in January 2012

Establishment of Soft and Hard Bonded Multi-material Mixing Department in February 2015











We provide ultra-high reliability is an urgent need of customers. And such products must operate in extreme environments. It must be thoroughly tested with cocoa. We offer a highly stable and complete solution to the aviation industry
Computer Intelligent Terminal
As a core product supplier, we understand the high reliability requirements of our customers'products in operation. We provide high reliability soft-hard backplane for intelligent terminal customers.
Industry and Instrument Equipment
We have a deep understanding of the market of industrial instruments and equipment and understand the importance of customer to signal transmission and reliable connection. We provide high reliable signal transmission and reliable connection solutions to customers of industrial instruments and equipment.
Communication and Network
We understand that communication and network customers are extremely demanding for signal integrity and impedance control. We offer a variety of high frequency material combination applications to communication and network customers.
Medical equipment
We respect the supreme right to life of human beings and are fully aware of the extreme requirements for reliability of medical products. We provide complete customized solutions to medical equipment customers.